Holy family College provides girls & boys of all abilities with a thoroughly Catholic christian education in mind, body and spirit.

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at Holy family college your child will have the best opportunity to reach their full potential through exploration, experimentation and fun.

From toddler to teenager at holy family your child will be in a nurturing space in which to learn and grow

I value the people I meet and the relationships that have been built from a simple "Hello!". I also value the mission of the school and I do believe the school is moulding future leaders.

inclusive school

Holy Family College is one of the few schools in the country that currently includes non-sighted and visually impaired children into its mainstream classes, starting at pre- and primary level.  This allows all the children in the class to participate in the teaching process and creates an environment in which individual needs are met and every child has the opportunity to succeed.  

Restorative justice

Restorative justice is a much-needed alternative to the traditional punitive methods of discipline. Holy Family recognises the necessity of modelling for young people an alternative to the violence, conflict and division that surrounds them today. Restorative justice redresses wrongs by building personal self-awareness and accountability, and by strengthening relationships and communities.  

faith-based education

An education that has faith at its centre is one that provides stability in a world filled with uncertainty.  Young people educated in a faith-based school possess a sense of belonging and certainty that tells them that they are part of something bigger than themselves. They grow to be more than just scholars but citizens of strong conviction and clear values who are prepared for life beyond the walls of the school.  


In line with its ethos of inclusion and social responsibility, Holy Family is privileged to be one of the three host schools of the Three2Six project. This project provides bridging education from 3pm to 6pm on the grounds of the host schools for the hundreds of displaced children from all over our continent who live in Johannesburg and who are unable to gain access to other schooling. 

Holy family children are curious about the world around them and are driven to discover more, learn more, be more.

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