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Student life at Holy Family College starts at the age of 1, at our beautiful on-campus creche, and grows with your child through to Matric. On one beautiful campus, you will find a creche, pre-primary school, primary school and high school, with extensive sports and cultural facilities.

early childhood development

The importance of Early Childhood Development

Holy Family Pre-Primary provides care and education for children from the ages of 1 to 5 years old.  We understand that although not every parent wants to send their child to school at such a young age, for some this is unavoidable. So we have created an environment that is filled with all the love and attention that your child would receive if they were home with you.  It has been well-documented that these early years are the most important when it comes to the development of social competence, cognitive skills, emotional well-being, language and literacy skills, physical abilities, well-being in school and life resiliency.  And all of this is achieved through the play,  freedom and fun that happens every day at the Holy Family Pre-Primary. 

No child can learn on an empty stomach. As part of the HFC offering, all the children attending the Pre-Primary receive a full nutritional lunch to give them the energy they need for all that playing and learning. 

Holy Family College ECD
What makes HFC Visually Impaired Programme different?

The HFC programme for the visually impaired starts in the ECD phase of the school. Not only is this an indispensable opportunity for visually impaired children, it also helps the able-bodied children to respect and appreciate the challenges that come with that kind of diversity.  This opportunity to learn from one another is one of the most valuable aspects of the HFC Primary School. 

Holy Family College Parktown Early Childhood Development

Primary School

In the classroom

In Foundation Phase (Grades 1, 2 and 3) the foundations for literacy and numeracy are laid down as the children learn to read, write and perform basic mathematical functions.  The social, emotional and spiritual well-being of the child is of paramount importance and is developed through structured play and on-going contact with the teacher that helps them to develop the skills that they will need as the progress through school. 

Throughout Intersen Phase (Grades 4 – 7) learning is achieved through ensuring active participation in class which brings the developing child to an understanding of what it means to become responsible and accountable. There is constant recognition of individual excellence and positive praise and we offer much assistance, enrichment and academic support. 

21st Century teaching
Right from the ECD years, a love of stories and reading is promoted by all the teachers. While so much of education has changed in the past century, there is no greater gift we can give our children than the ability to read well and with understanding and insight. The rest of their education flows from this skill.
From Grade R the children at HFC are introduced to 21st Century teaching. Thinking Maps, Blooms, DEAR lessons as well as General Knowledge quizzes are incorporated into our curriculum. From Grade 1 the learners are involved in Computer lessons and are introduced to coding from the early grades. All of these activities are introduced at the foundation phase level so our children can begin to think critically and start to investigate, test, retry and learn perseverance whilst collaborating with their peers. From the Intersen Phase, learners have a daily DEAR and General Knowledge lesson and are involved in Project Based Research tasks from Grade 5 up. In Grade 6 and 7, our learners write the IEB examinations. Education is constantly evolving and as an IEB school, we strive to keep growing and learning all the time so that we can offer the best holistic education for the 21st Century child. 

The continued extension and development of children’s abilities takes place through a range of co-curricular activities. Children’s creativity is stimulated with Art, Choir, Drama, Board Games, STEM, fine motor skills, Science Club, Computer Club and Public Speaking. Their physical abilities are developed through Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Swimming and ball skills. Optional additional paid extra murals include Ballet, Judo, Karate and Piano lessons. 

An additional aftercare facility is provided daily from 14h30 until 18h00.

high school

Academic Vision

A Holy Family College education equips learners with the necessary skills, attitudes and values to thrive in a rapidly-changing, multicultural world. Our graduates are dynamic, resilient and able to use their time and talents to improve the lives of others. 

We are a community. Our work is rooted in the real world and driven forward by the ‘fierce urgency of now.’ Our approach to learning allows us to address issues and challenges that face the current generation while stimulating problem-solving, empathy and critical thinking skills.

We are acutely aware that modern high school learners face paralyzing pressure in the form of significant social expectations and hyperactive social media feeds. Without caring educators, there too often can seem little space for self-discovery and self-expression. We make it our mission to engage and support our learners to speak more, do more and confidently be themselves.

We meet learners as they are, and guide them to realise their own potential. We assist learners to drive the process of education in order to grow their independence, curiosity and confidence. Their energy and efforts allow them to discover their voice, shape their abilities and find expression in a world of competing ideas.

The Google educational platform equips us to hone learners’ digital skills and encourage active investigation, content creation, discovery and research. This digital journey enables our learners to leave the boundaries of the traditional classroom and engage in global learning communities. 

Our learners leave Holy Family College with memorable and valuable learning experiences. They are able to investigate, interrogate and question ideas and explanations that are offered in the wider world, moreover, they are able to reconstruct information and put it to use. 

Our graduates think independently. They speak with their own voice. They are unafraid to make choices and make an impact in their society.

high school subject offerings

General Education and Training (GET)
Grade 7 - 9

arts & culture – dramatic arts

English – home language

isiZulu – first additional language

Afrikaans – first additional language

French – second additional language


Natural sciences – physical Sciences & life sciences

Human social sciences – geography & history

technology – it skills

Economic and Management Sciences – Business Studies and Accounting

life orientation


Further Education and Training (FET)
Grade 10 - 12

Dramatic arts

English – home language

isiZulu – first additional language

Afrikaans – first additional language

French – second additional language

Mathematics or mathematical literacy

commerce – business studies & accounting

sciences – physical Sciences & life sciences

Human social sciences – geography & history

information technology 

life orientation



Community outreach

“Faith without works is dead!”

Holy Family College is a Christian school. Every pupil in the high school must be involved in some form of community service. This Christian Outreach can be completed in a charity that works with people or animals; it can be at an old-age home; an orphanage; a children’s shelter; a woman’s rights group; a gay rights group; or any other human rights organisation; an environmental group such as Greenpeace or Earthlife.

Grade 8 and 9 pupils must complete twenty hours a year of Christian Outreach.

Grade 10, 11 and 12 pupils must complete thirty hours a year of Christian Outreach.

These hours must be recorded on a service sheet by a representative of the organisation at which the service was completed. The service sheet, obtained from the school, must be handed in and a record kept.

Staff are expected to lead by example by also being involved in community service.


After-school activity

At HFC we offer a comprehensive sports program that is tailored to the interests of our student body. We hope to offer sports that will challenge our learners, both physically and mentally, and that they embody the true spirt of what it means to be a team player, both on and off of the courts and fields. Our sporting programme runs twice a week in both schools.

We are proud to offer (open to both the junior and senior schools as learners participate by age group), and supported by our trained and professional coaches: 

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